Friday, October 28, 2011

Frozen Veggies for $6!

I'm bummed to see the season of farmer's markets come to an end. I'm also sad that I didn't make it to as many this year as I had hoped. I did score some great deals though the few times I made it to them. 

I love browsing the "bumped, bruised and ugly" section because there is usually great produce there for really reduced prices. One of our local markets sells baskets with said awful looking produce for $1. One day while shopping for other items I gathered up 6 baskets filled with peppers and tomatoes which would work wonderfully for canning. Usually after a little "plastic surgery" the icky parts can be removed and you're left with a great amount of produce for much less then they would've cost if they had looked pretty! :) 

After chopping it all up this is what I stashed away in my freezer for only $6: 

Have you scored any great deals this year at Farmer's Markets?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daughter's Room: Reveal!

Wow! I made you wait a long time for the reveal. Sorry! It's been here ready to post for a while, but life happened. 

What we did:
-We painted stripes along the bottom portion of the room. We also painted the top portion a soft green.
-I changed some of the decorations to coordinate things better.

The most important part is that she loves it. She loves having the colors in her room and it makes her feel special to have her room decorated just for her! :) 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Life is finally feeling a bit more manageable again--yay! I actually have a bunch of days on my November calendar with NOTHING on them--yet! ;) After looking back through September and October I counted up that during a period of 6 weeks, I was home for only 14 days. Those same 14 days were nearly all ones my husband was working a 12-shift for too. It was really hectic! Which meant this little space of mine had to be put on hold, if for no other reason then to maintain the little bit of sanity I still had left! ;)

The good news is, that just because I was taking a break from posting, I certainly wasn't taking a break from paying off debt, gathering ideas and working on projects! :) Hope you're all ready for some serious catching up, because I've got a lot to share. Haha!!

Thank you for your patience during my mini-break and for your condolences and well-wishes as we headed to my Grandpa's funeral. They were very appreciated!

I also wanted to warn you that some of the posts you'll be seeing in the next few weeks will be from things that happened (what seems like) forever ago!
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