About Me

For the purpose of this blog-I'm a stay at home mom, with a passion for saving money and finding our way back to a healthier, greener and simpler lifestyle. Beyond that, I've lived in 4 countries and 5 states. I love to travel and learn about new cultures, history & food! I have a creative flair which I hope to use more. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe in stewardship, generosity and caring for others, which is big reason for this journey and blog. I can be very passionate, straight forward, opinionated and determined, all of which you'll also notice as you follow! I'd love to have you come along for the ride, I'm sure they'll be some bumps along the way, but that'll make the journey richer and the experience worth remembering.

Some of my interests include (but certainly not limited to): scrapbooking, traveling, reading for fun (Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury top my favorite author list--currently), the sunshine, snuggling my babies. 
When it comes to movies & music that I like, I just don't remember those kinds of details. It is my husband's job to remind me of the movies I have seen and whether I liked it or not. ;) I do not have any interest in keeping up with the celebrities in Hollywood, so I can never remember any of their names or who is in what movie or who sings what song. I just know one thing for sure, I tend to like a very narrow window of genres--they are usually the kind with happily-ever-after endings. If I wanted to be depressed or creeped out on purpose, I could just watch the news (and that's free). Same goes for music, if I wanted to lose my hearing before I turn 35, there are far more productive things I could do to have the same effect on my hearing. I'd just rather not! ;)

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