Monday, May 9, 2011


Being that we just wrapped up Mother's day weekend, the biggest gardening weekend of the year, it's on my mind! :) My husband and I have big dreams for our backyard every summer. We have re-imagined, plotted and planned our landcaping makeover ever since we have lived in this house and yet, it remains nearly the same as it did when we moved in. :-/ Other then our spacious vegetable garden and some berry bushes planted along the fences, we have a large open space waiting for us to add creativity, flair and life to it. So why aren't we you might wonder? Cash! I can't believe how much it can cost to do a backyard! Of course all our big dreams add up to quite a pretty penny too! So, alas, our backyard will probably remain as it is a bit longer. We do hope to start saving up to at least do a patio or deck of some kind soon.

The good news is that it hasn't kept us from loving our garden and using our backyard as much as we can every summer! I love this time of year when we all get outside to work on our yards and briniging home beautiful flowers and vegetable plants anxious for them to grow! Of course, I like to check out all these kinds of articles that offer suggestions on how to improve your backyard for cheap or quickly too.

For those of you with little space, but a love for a garden, here are some great tips on how to grow things in containers.

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