The Characters

The Man

This super hot, amazingly talented, super supportive, and amazing man is the one I'm blessed to call my hubby. He is a fantasticly thoughtful and romantic husband and the world's best Dad. He is regularly caring for others, making excellent music, filling our home with playfulness and laughter and occasionally cooking up some great dinners. He is the dream husband and he's taken! :)

Our Princess

I never thought I could love anyone so much in my whole life, until this little bundle landed in our family. She is in so many ways just like me. She loves life and has a goofy side and the definition of a  'Daddy's Girl'. Her Grammy is her best confidant. She has a caring heart and serious passion! She is strong, opinionated, independent and her brother's best friend. I don't think the word 'girly' fully sums up all the girliness that she is. This princess will wear all pink, bling and frill as often as she can. With a love of learning and a passionate heart we are thrilled to see all the good that will come from where God takes this one! 

My Snuggle Bug

With a smile like that he lights up my life. He is showing signs of being 'all boy' more and more each day. He loves to snuggle & cuddle. He plays hard and sleeps hard and is a bundle of joy each day. A tender-hearted little guy, sensitive to those around him, a truly kind spirit. He goes with the flow and doesn't need to follow a schedule to be a happy kid. With a contagious laugh and friendly heart he is easily his sister's BFF! :) He is his Grandpa's side kick. A mama's boy, for sure, and is content to let me do all the work for him--rather then put in the effort himself! ;) His latest interests are balls, trucks, airplanes, the word no and biting! :-/ Watch out world, because God has a special plan for this one and we love being a part of that! 

...Hopefully more characters coming soon! :)
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