Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Power of a Phone Call

Never underestimate the power of a good phone call! This past week we made some phone calls and came out ahead! First, we were on a promotional price for our internet and basic cable through Comcast. We had started with just internet, because we just don't want to pay for cable. Well about a year ago they told us we could lower our bill if we had cable, my husband said, well unless it's free you won't be saving me money. They actually lowered our bill by $10 and added cable with our internet. Okay, we thought, that works for us. Well, that "deal" was expiring so we needed to just disconnect the cable since it would be going up by some crazy amount of money. After talking to them about it, our bill was still going to go up just with the internet, so we told them we'd try another company and get back to them. Well, a couple days later we get a call from Comcast offering us another deal! This one was going to have upgraded cable and internet for $29.99/mo for 12 months (which you know by now means, we'll be disconnecting it at the end of that period and getting another "deal"!) and we had been paying $64.99/mo! Cha-ching! I love that "sound" and upgraded cable! :)

The other phone call was an expected discount. We just sold my "old" (still really nice) car in order to get a minivan. Well our plan was to sell my car for its value on Bluebook and buy a van within the same price range to avoid a car payment, since our cars are already paid off. It worked out beautifully, but it took a couple months. We just sold the car last week, so I had to take it off insurance. I couldn't wait! So now we have a large savings on our insurance too. (I'm not sure the exact am't yet because it's going to be pro-rated). Either way, those two phone calls landed us more money in our bank accounts! Score!

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