Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Who doesn't like a good freebie? Ever since our daughter came along, I've been working harder at finding good deals for things to do as a family. During one of my searches for free or cheap outings I came across a website "On the cheap" and they have a network for all major cities/metros. This website has provided us with countless opportunities to do family outings for really inexpensive and/or free.

Another awesome thing that our city does is provide free days at the local museums and zoo. It's such a great perk. They decided to schedule a number of days throughout each year that are free admission for all state residents. Each attraction sets their own dates, so they are usually all on different days, so the variety of options is awesome. It's one of the few things that we throughly enjoy as tax payers! :) Which seems only fair anyway, right? If we pay taxes, shouldn't we benefit from the places we pay for? I sure think so!

Just this week we got to go to the Museum of Nature and Science for free. One of my favorite things about free days is that if you're kids are having a huge meltdown and you've only made it through two exhibits, you don't feel bad leaving, you really aren't out any money anyway! :)

If discovered a short search on the internet and you can find all kinds of deals in your area. Kids eat free nights, free attractions, discounts for families, etc. Google is amazing, isn't it!?!? :)

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