Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15 Minute Dinner

The other night we were busy running around just before dinner time and everyone was starting the usual hungry meltdowns. I needed to get dinner on the table quick, not just because I didn't want to hear any more whining or crying, but also because I wanted two little ones to get to bed soon too! :)

I had planned on making potato leek soup and biscuits for dinner, which fit the day perfectly! :) It was a rainy, chilly day--a perfect soup night. Anyway, I got home from the store and got food from the freezer to the table in 15 minutes! :) Amazing!! It was extra nice because it was a wonderful homemade dinner and not a frozen pizza or precooked meal from the store.

Here's how it worked:
-Put frozen biscuits in the oven at 375
-Chopped onions and leeks from the freezer into the pan with a little butter
-Diced potatoes into the pan with 2 cans of chicken broth
-Smash some of the potatoes and add cream
-Let it simmer while getting bowls and spoons out and the table set
-Take biscuits out of the oven
-Dinner served!

-Hardly any dishes! :)
-2 gallon freezer bags worth stored in the freezer for future meals

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