Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More frozen veggies

Well that took care of two of the items we had, now for the rest of them. Since we didn't have the abundance of the other vegetables, I was able to finish nearly all of it the next day. The other time saver was that I was only blanching these vegetables and not fully cooking them like I had to do with the potatoes.

We had a significant amount of carrots and I wanted variety like I did with the potatoes. I ended up dicing some for salads and soups.
 I chopped some and kept them round for similar recipes, but to also just steam for a side dish.

 The last variety was large chunked carrots and roughly cut for roasts and stews. 

I froze them the same way I did the potatoes, again, to have more control over how much I wanted to thaw at a given time. 

I'm not a huge celery fan, but they come in recipes every once in a while, especially soups, roasts and such, and that's the season I'm preparing for. I figured since I'm not likely to have them fresh on hand, this would be a nice way to have some of those occasional dishes that call for them. I also froze leeks (not pictured) for making potato leek soup. 

We made cabbage rolls with a large portion of the cabbage we picked and then I chopped the rest for coleslaw and an asian coleslaw (also known as ramen salad) I make. We ended up with some steamed cabbage left over too, which is now in the freezer to be added to a stew or something. (I'm still open to ideas on what to use that for--anyone?)

Finally, I wrapped it up with the beans. Plain and simple just blanched them and froze them just like the rest before putting them in the bag to keep in the freezer. 

The corn is still waiting to be eaten in the fridge and the peppers are for another post! This is why I NEEDED a freezer!! We had so much great food and I'm so thankful we'll have this to get us through the winter months with such limited produce options and higher prices. 

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