Friday, October 29, 2010

A new food processor

The other day while I was putting my food processor to work, it broke! :( I was thoroughly disappointed, because as you can tell from my posts on here I use it a lot. The worse part was that it was fairly old, no parts sold any more and beyond repair. It had seen it's last day. So sad. Being on our cash budget and not for seeing a broken food processor in our future, I was certain I wouldn't be replacing it any time soon, even bigger bummer!

Then, much to my surprise I was browsing the area at Walmart to get a feel for the cost to replace one and I found one for $29.88! That's it! Granted, I don't know if it's the best, nicest, coolest food processor out there--can guarantee it's not--but for $30, it fit the needs I have and best of all it fit the budget. Woo hoo!

New food processor will need to be broken in soon! :)

Thought I'd share my deal find, in case others are looking to get one too. That price makes it a lot more feasible for most of us. :)


  1. We were going to get one a few years ago and my in-laws decided they'd get us one for our anniversary. We found one at Walmart that was around the same price as yours, but somehow when it rang up, it came up as $11!!! It's not super fancy or real nice like the Cuisinart that I've had my eye on for a while, but it sure does the trick! Gooooo bargain hunters! ;)

  2. Sweet deal! :) That's awesome. Hey, that Cuisinart will come some day and won't it be satisfying to know you paid cash for it?!?! Hmm...or don't you have a b-day coming up soon, girlie?!?! ;) Christmas is not far off either.

  3. Yeah, but I'd rather have something to do with a class or a new camera bag or something. The Big Cuis will have to wait ;)


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