Thursday, December 23, 2010


It seems like dinner gets the most money saving ideas. So I thought I'd share some of mine for breakfast today. Breakfast can actually be very affordable. Although, I think a lot of people are spending a lot more then they need to in order to have the convenience of a quick breakfast on their way out the door. Here are some ideas, that will save your budget, won't just give you a sugar high and get you to work and your kids to school on time! :)

-I grew up on oatmeal, eggs and toast. Most mornings my Dad made breakfast and that's what was served. It's basically a family tradition breakfast now. I serve it regularly to my kids too. Although I don't always do the eggs. It's very cheap and fast. You can buy a large (2 lb) tub of oatmeal for under $2 and that will feed our family a lot of breakfast! It's significantly cheaper then the average box of cold cereal, for sure.

-Eggs are a lot more in expensive then cold cereal too. I know several people who eat a hard boiled egg for breakfast. That's not my favorite kind so it's not usually my choice. But scrambled eggs are easy to make quickly and can be, if need be, reheated the next day for a quicker breakfast.

-If you like to do the frozen waffles, it's easy and cheaper to make the same thing at home. Buy your favorite waffle mix, make a whole bunch of waffles, freeze them separately (so you can take them out one at a time) and I'm certain it'll be much cheaper then the frozen boxed ones.

-Toast, bagels, english muffins are always easy to take on the go. Add some peanut butter for protein or your favorite toppings and it's a quick, easy breakfast.

-I've also made a batch of muffins or breads to use for a week for breakfast. Grab a piece of fruit to go with it and you've got a great breakfast.

-If you just can't get rid of the cold cereal all together, I understand! :) We don't either. There are just some days that's what you want to eat. Although we try to limit that. Here are some ways we stretch the cold cereal. For our kids, I serve it on vanilla yogurt which has a lot of benefits. 1. It doesn't make as much of a mess, when they are learning to spoon feed. 2. It fills them up better then just cereal and milk, so they can have smaller servings of cereal. 3. You use less cereal because their bowl is full of yogurt. 4. It has added nutrition too. I then serve them milk or juice in their cup to drink along side it. We actually use less milk this way too.

What are your money saving breakfast ideas?

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