Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year....

I've been pondering my goals for this year and haven't really nailed them all down. I'm wanting them to be realistic, yet challenging. I'm also wanting to set goals that are enjoyable and ywill bring a positive outcome for our family. For whatever reason, I'm having a hard time nailing them down, maybe I'm feeling like I'd like to do more then I know is possible or I'm not sure how to "measure" some of the goals for this year. Anyway, I haven't forgotten to write them or update on here, I'm just not sure what they will be yet.

I do want to set goals for different areas of life, so that I'm experiencing growth in multiple aspects of who I am.

I'll--eventually--be writing goals for the following categories:
Spiritual/Personal Growth

We'll see how this all goes... :)

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