Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been reading a book by Lisa Bevere called Nuture. In it she brought up a topic that has been addressed by several other women, both in formal ways and in informal ways.  The isssue? Competition, jealousy, lack of support, judgmental opinions between women.  It's not something we think about all the time, but it affects us all. Here is an example most relevant to my current situation and one that if seen played out. The judgments going on between stay at home moms and working moms. There are thoughts that working moms are choosing a job or money over their kids. Then on the other side there are opinions that stay at home moms sit around and do nothing all day, watching TV or going to coffee with girlfriends. The sad part is that most of the opinions come from other women. We are very judgmental and harsh toward each other and the choices we've had to make for our families. Why can't we be a source of encouragement to each other's situations? Can't we learn from each other and benefit from our different experiences?

There is a quote from Lisa's book that struck me and prompted this post. She explains a scene of young girls that performed at their high school with an audience filled with mostly young girls. These poor girls performed and didn't receive applause from their peers, because even as girls, we've never known how to support each other. We don't clap for each other.  Here are Lisa's words, "Sisters, we need to start clapping for one another! Mothers need to clap for daughters. Mothers need to applaud each other. Daughters need to lend some props to their  mothers. Daughters need to cheer for each other. Everyone needs to clap for their grandmothers! Why do we want to withhold support from each other? Are we that threatened and insecure?"

Can we be the generation that turns this around? That stands up and encourages each other. That teaches our daughters to applaud for their friends and peers. That models what it means to be real girlfriends.

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