Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movie Nights!

One of our new favorite family hang outs is having a movie night. We rent a family friendly cartoon, make popcorn and hot chocolate (or some kind of 'special' drink), lay the futon down as a bed, bring blankets and pillows down and all snuggle up! It's a great time to bundle up together and have some bonding time. Our son usually doesn't make it through the whole movie, usually because he is to excited to sit still, but as soon as we tell him to lay down or he'll have to go to bed, he immediately lays back down! Hehe. Even after several of those moments, he ends up missing the last half of the movie, because he goes to bed! I'm glad we have started this little tradition though, the kids just love the time spent together. It's amazing how those moments seem to get them more excited then constantly going to places and spending money on outings.

Once again a reminder that the small, simple and low-cost or free pleasures are often times the most remembered!

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