Monday, March 21, 2011

A tempting time of year!

If you are like me, this season of the year is a hard time to not over spend. I find that the sunshine, cute spring clothes (for both me and the kids!), going out and about more often and an overall feeling of happiness and freshness that comes with spring, makes me want to spend money! I'm glad I recognize this tendency of mine, because now I know how to prepare for the temptations that lie ahead! I've done a good job of saving up some of my "fun" money throughout the winter, so I have some spending money now that I keep seeing cute things. Of course, I still have to live within that budget and still say 'no' to things I want.

What are your spending tendencies? Do you have times of the year that put you on a sppending mood? What things do you do to keep yourself from spending beyond your means?

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