Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living on Love...I mean, what we got! ;)

We're doing a living on what we have kind of week again. I've done this before and here we are again. I have a limited amount of funds left to get me through the week and so I'm challenging myself to stay out of the store and life off our pantry, freezer and what we have in the fridge. I already made up a menu that is totally doable with what we have. In case some of you are wondering what's for dinner this week, steal away--ideas that is! ;)

Day One
Lasagna (Freezer-made on a bulk cooking day)
Vegetables (whatever is in the fridge! ;))
Garlic Bread (Bought day old 50% off french bread, prepared and froze)

Day Two
Santa Fe Chicken Casserole
Chips and Salsa
**I already made this for our family this week and they LOVED it. The kids each had seconds (large servings too) and the hubby said he could keep eating it, but had to stop. It's NOT spicy, but has some good flavor. Make it your own by adding something special you're family loves to it.

Day Three
Bruschetta Chicken Skillet
Vegetables (whatever is on hand)
Garlic Bread (same as above)

Day Four
Grilled Steaks (freezer supply)
Scalloped Potatoes

Day Five
Creamed Chicken on Toast

Day Six
Ham and Cheese Loaf

Day Seven
Beef Stroganoff

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