Friday, June 3, 2011

Poll Results

Last weeks poll is over and I have a new one posted currently, but I wanted to give you the 
results of summer splurge poll. The question was,
"This summer, what big items are you  most likely to splurge on?" The answer choices 
received the following votes: 
A. Vacations, a big family trip or several small getaways, 2 votes/ 50%
B. Shopping for summer accessories, can be home/garden or clothing, 2 votes/50%
C. Lots of little treats (eating out more often, fun drinks, family outings), 2 votes/50%
D. I'll be extra diligent at sticking to my budget this summer and will not have any splurges, 
0 Votes.

This time you were allowed to select more then one option, so that's why the results aren't perfect 
percentages. There were 4 people who voted on this one, so some voted for more then one. 

My thoughts? 

I think it's SUPER hard to stay on track during the summer. It's so easy to be in a 
better mood, getting out more often, doing more family activities and all around more active. 
I know for myself, this time of year is hard for me to not over spend. Of course, we'll also be 
going on a vacation, and even though we've got the money saved and set aside for that, 
it's a reasonably sized chunk that would otherwise be going toward our debt. We do see the 
value of that for our family time and quality time, memory building is important to us, 
so we make it work. And, who doesn't love to just get away for a while and have a change
of scenery and routine?

I'm not at all surprised that all three choices got some votes, they are all so tempting and 
easy to do! 

My goal? 

I know these are hard areas for me, so I'll be working harder at allowing some spending 
money in our budget for a few extra splurges, but then being strict about staying 
within those limits so we don't over extend ourselves. 

How about you? What do you plan to do to minimize the 'damage' done to your
budget and make room for a few splurges along the way?

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