Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things to Try

Alright! I've been coming across all kinds of great ideas lately. A blogging friend posted recently about handmade reusable snack/lunch bags and I fell in love! Luck for her, she won hers, and I was jealous! Ever since I've been wondering how I was going to get my hand on some of those!! ;) Of course, I could just buy them and there are ALL kinds online. But then I started adding it all up and if I'm going to use them regularly, I'd be spending quite a little bit of cash on them. So then I started looking into making them. It can't be that hard, right?! ;) My husband thinks I'm crazy for just considering the idea. Which means, I'll probably end up caving and buying at least a few. But there are SO many to cute styles and designs and'll be hard to chose just a few! I'll keep you posted on how this one turns out. I've seriously been thinking about them for a while now, it's a bit obsessive, really! BUT, just think of all the benefits. 1. It's so much better for the environment (much less wasteful/trash). 2. Cheaper, in the long run, you'll probably save a lot of money on baggies. 3. Convenient. I just think of keeping them in my husband's lunch bag, how easy would that be to just refill them each night. Especially once I have to start making several lunches each night. 4. Organized. I'm envisioning (see, a bit obsessed) a theme for each person's lunch/snack bag. Each person will have their bags and it'll keep things nice and simple, easy to keep track of. Of course, they'll have to get a cute coordinating lunch sack to go with them too! ;)

My other idea was also from a blog! ;) Homemade yogurt. Again, just think of all the benefits. Cost effective, healthier, less wasteful. I'm noticing a theme, are you? I'm going to be doing some real official 'google' research in a bit to figure out how to do all of this without the machine. Apparently you can use a crockpot. I'll be sure to let you know and fully document the process--that is, if it's successful! ;) I'm going to be collecting baby food jars for it too. So, if you live near by and have some, please save them for me! This same blogger, also made popsicles out of it, gonna have to try that!

I just came across her blog and I'm really enjoying it. I think we'd be friends in real life too, since we both seem to be trying to do a lot of the same things! :) She makes homemade deodorant! Since I've become a bit of a homemade nut, I figure, why not? I might as well keep trying these things, right? ;) I've actually heard that there are some links to deodorant and breast cancer...

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  1. We must have found the same blog! I was just reading about the Crockpot yogurt!! Make sure and post how it goes...I am very interested.


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