Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Small Project, turned BIG!

Do you ever start a project thinking, "oh this will be real quick." Then a week later you're still trying to finish that really "quick" project. No? Oh, well, it happens to me...all. the. time. Maybe it's because I get too easily distracted by other really "quick" projects that I should do. You know, while I'm there, I might as well change up a few more things, right? My other "excuse" are the two little people that live here, for whatever reason, they seem to need my attention, a lot! Is it normal that they think they need to eat at least three times each day!?!?  Just wondering... ;) Okay, all kidding aside, this really does happen to me and it just happened AGAIN this week. Let me share {hey, it's my blog and sharing is what I do on here! ;)}

It started out as a quick project to re organize the bathroom cupboard in our master bathroom. For one main reason, I was sick of looking at this every day:

Ugh! Piles of stuff every where!
Or this problem...constantly a cluttered counter.
This unit was a clutter collector.
*I actually want to get rid of it, but for now, can't replace it.
Gonna have to deal a little longer.

I found some more organizers at the store and figured I'd give it a QUICK makeover! The makeover part worked out really well, just not the quick part. :)

All the hair "stuff" put into ONE bin.

A look at the new cupboard. Everything is neatly placed in it's place. :) 

The other side. 
By the way, a little side note here. Is anyone else annoyed by the GIANT pipes under their sinks?!?! I guess they do serve a purpose and it wouldn't be a sink without them, but really, did they have to be so big and so obnoxiously placed?!

Look at how much space is being taken up by that pipe.
I can't put anything near it because NOTHING fits around it well! :-/ Ugh!!
Okay, moving on. The end result has been lovely.

The finished look! :)
This cupboard by itself wasn't what took me a week to finish. It actually only did take me about an hour, but the mess that was left from all that didn't fit back into this neatly organized space, created project #2, which led to project #3. I'll be sharing those with you in another post! :)

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