Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ways to Save this Month!

I found this chart from LearnVest to be really helpful, so I'm sharing. :)

What to Buy in August

Potted plantsTrees, shrubs, plants
Prices decline steeply after midsummer, so go toward the end of August to get great deals. Store your plants according to package instructions so you can plant them next spring. Otherwise, consider buying bulbs, which you can plant at any time.
Mp3 player with earbudsMP3 Players
Some stores may put these on sale to make way for the latest models. They’ll want to sell the current models before October, when the holiday rush starts.
Black flip flopsFlip-Flops
Even if you wear flip-flops inside the house all year round, they’ll be harder to find later in the year—buy them now, when retailers still have tons of cheap flip-flops in stock.
Camping tentCamping Gear
This usually goes on sale in August and September to make room for next year’s items. Look for good deals on folding camping chairs, tents, camp stoves, lanterns and other outdoor gear.
Lawn mowerLawn Mowers And Swing Sets
These are summer items, so stores are trying to get rid of them now to make room for fall products.
Dehumidifiers typically go on sale in August, just as the heat and humidity begin to calm down.
Athletic shoesAthletic Shoes
Back-to-school sales offer good deals on tennis shoes for children and adults.
Plastic storage boxLinens And Storage Containers
These tend to go on sale for the off-to-college crowd.
Laptop computerComputers
As back-to-school sales begin to take root, you’ll see more and more sales on computers.

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