Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Benefits to Making your own baking mixes

One of my favorite changes I've made throughout this last year is to start making my own baking mixes. It really has quite a few advantages and it's so quick and easy. Usually I'll make a whole bunch all in one afternoon and be set for several months. 

1. Cost
These homemade mixes can be very cost effective. Depending on what kind you are making, there may be cheaper alternatives with coupons and sales, but some of the other benefits won't be available with those options. For the most part these are cheaper then buying a regular priced baking mix. 

2. Convenience
I love having a ready to go mix on hand to throw together for any sort of gathering or to add to a family meal. I keep mine in the freezer so the ingredients stay fresh and away from any critters that may try to pry them open. 

3. Control over the ingredients
I'm becoming more and more aware of the need to modify some of our ingredients and food choices. That doesn't mean I'll never eat another cookie though. So in order to make healthier options for my family I can adapt these mixes to fit the needs we have. I am able to substitute the flours, sugars, and other ingredients as I see fit. This is far less expensive then buying the healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, etc. options at the health food stores that you may need for a specific health concern. 

The other thing I am able to control is the lack of preservatives or other questionable ingredients I don't want to be feeding my kids. 

4. Adapt size of mix
This one has come in handy! There are times that you don't need to make a WHOLE cake, but you do because the mix comes in that particular size. The benefit of making your own kits is that you can adapt the size of mixes you make. You can make a full recipe for those times you really do need the full size, but then you can make 1/2 size or 1/4 size recipes as well for those moments when you need a smaller portion.

5. Variety
I love being able to make some of my family's favorite recipes from a mix. Recipes that have been passed down to me from my mother or other family members or friends. I'm not limited by the varieties offered at the grocery store. If I find a recipe for a specific kind of bread or desert that doesn't come in a box else where, I can make my own mixes for them. 

Here is another post where I share a bit about my mixes. 

If you're interested in getting a step by step process on how I do these, check back next week! Over the weekend chose 3-4 of your favorite recipes (they can be savory or sweet, things like seasonings, bread mixes, desert mixes, snack mixes) and gather the ingredients because on Monday we'll be making mixes! 

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