Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cash Budget, Encouragement & Updates

So I was just getting on here to tell you how rough this cash budget is, but then I was totally encouraged by my friend Jessie posting about how she's working on doing things to save her family some money this summer! Totally changed my perspective and gave me a boost of courage to keep on going. I've got to keep focused that getting out of debt is worth all the sacrifices along the way, but boy it's hard some times! It's also really exciting to hear that other people are exploring ways they can make small changes too. Thanks Jessie!

Through some of the comments on here I've had some more thoughts to ponder and a few things to update everyone on, so I'll do some of that today.

I started using the dishwasher soap the other day and so far it's worked well. There have been a few things that haven't come of, specifically on the top shelf that may have been slightly covered by other things. I don't think it's any worse then the store bought soaps I've used though. I actually think they have less residue-like look to them now, so I'm happy about that. Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but it helps if you put vinegar in the rinse section. I haven't tried that yet because I still have stuff in there, but once it's time to refill I'm going to try the vinegar idea and see how it goes.

Another comment, actually again by Jessie, got me thinking about how when we do SOMEthing we are inevitably not doing SOMEthing. It's a trade off. She didn't pose this as a question, but it made me think of it as question, "is what I'm doing worth what I'm losing?" If you think about that in terms of life in general it can add all kinds of depth to your life and choices. I like it! Here were some of my initial questions to ponder and hopefully I'll make this a daily habit to evaluate what I'm doing.
-Is cleaning the house right now worth not spending this time with my daughter coloring?
-Is watching this show worth the amount of sleep I'm missing?
-Is taking a nap worth not getting the dishes put away? (TOTALLY! Dishes can wait!! ;))
-Is surfing the internet worth missing the opportunity to read a book to my son?
It totally changes everything doesn't it? It makes you really put your priorities in perspective and makes you act differently and make decisions that will better your life and your families. This is TOUGH and super convicting. I know I took it a really deep direction, but that's where it resonated with me. I'm also thinking, that questioning the value of the activities in my day will in a way "simplify" my perspective. When it come down to it, my kids, my husband, my relationships trump stuff, housework, projects, internet, TV, to do lists any day--but do I live that way? Do I live a life that says to my kids, "you are more valuable then what I have to do today."? The bonus here is that if I do make it a habit to place value (or lack of value) on tasks that I'm doing, I think my life will be more simple!
-Less complicated
-Less full
-Less busy
-Less stressed
-Less flustered by things I didn't get to
-Less pressured
-More rested
-More peaceful
-More enjoyable
-More meaningful
-More memorable
-More significant
-More considerate
-More patient
-More relaxed
-More calm

Doesn't that sound wonderful? I could go for that. Thanks again Jessie for the challenge to think about the cost of what I'm losing!

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  1. You totally hit on exactly what I was talking about with your deep questions. For some reason that has just always stuck with me since high school and now with kids it makes even more sense. Is my housework really that important? What is Ben going to care about more - that I have a tidy house or that I took lots of time to play and be silly with him. Obviously the latter! It's hard to let things go and try to find a balance. Still is! But at least with that thought it helps at times put things in perspective. And all the wise moms I've talked to have said that cherishing those times and moments with your family is way more important. My mom always told me that she never had the cleanest house and she would be the first one to admit that, but she was an awesome mom who was never the one at the beach just laying out reading a book waving to her kids, she was right there with us playing, playing, playing. I hope I can always be that mom.


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