Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rebates, Coupons and Freebies!

We've been looking into ways to make some "green" changes in our house. Our house is a fairly new home, so it's already got a lot of energy efficient products in it, but there's always some room to make changes. I've come across a few small changes that can make a difference that we're hoping to put in soon. Some of the list includes:
*New water-saving shower heads
*Dual flush conversion kit on the toilets
*Signing up for an energy saving program with United Power to help with the AC usage locally through the summer months.
*Recycling an old refrigerator and trading it out for a freezer

Well, while looking into some of these ideas, my friend Laura suggested I call the local companies to see if they run specials with any of these things. I did and found out that there are all kind of deals to be had. There are rebates for recycling different products, really cheap or free light bulbs, coupons and discounts on water efficient products and deals that help you save on your bill if you sign up for certain programs too!

I'm excited to make some changes that will make a larger difference for the future of our world too! Do you have any ideas of small changes that can be made in a home to be a little "greener"?

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