Monday, September 13, 2010

Not gonna lie...

The 'beauty' of a blog like this one is that I have the freedom to only share the positives of our journey navigating the some times intense moments along the way. It's kind of meant to be a positive, uplifting blog full of great ideas and tips for you, the readers, to be able to join in on the ride too. Well, today you're not getting one of those posts.

Ugh. sigh. Have you ever had those moments when you feel like things are just falling to pieces around you? Well, it's been feeling that way for the last few days with this money makeover. I know that's a little dramatic, since it's really not THAT bad, but there are times when it's just plain discouraging and the truth is that's where I'm at.

Why? Well, we were hoping to be able to finish paying of the student loan that only had a small balance left on it with this last paycheck and be able to cross that bill right off our list. Unfortunately, a few things caught up to us and that didn't work out. If you recall we had a credit card bill to pay this month--thankfully our last forever, but that took quite a chunk out of our income this month. Sigh. The other thing that we've been having to do is survive with about $600 of our income not coming in. Thankfully, we'll be back to making that at the end of September, but that too has "caught up" to us. Long story short, we barely had enough to have ANY cash for the next two weeks. It's significantly less then our normal allowance for each category, but I know we'll be fine with that. The thing that makes me the most bummed is that in order to have any money for gas and groceries for the next two weeks, we had to put off the student loan payment. It just feels like a bit of a step backwards. Then, to add to the already feeling down, we found out today that the Comcast deal, wasn't so much of a "deal". Ugh! I'm really irritated by that, but I'll get over it. The short version is that some things were lost in translation and the price they quoted us TWICE, by two different people, wasn't the full picture and our bill was significantly higher then expected. So, today we said good bye to cable, and argued our way out of several fees to get our bill back down to a normal range. Now, what we thought was going to be a $35/mo bill is back to a $70/mo bill minus cable. It was irritating to say the least. This too will be alright, though.

The positive side? It's all going to work out. We'll just have to put it off until the next paycheck and then hopefully our cash system will have been in place longer and things will be more of a fresh start going into next month. We won't have the credit card any more, we're used to the cash system, we're doing a good job saving where we can and we're super determined to get out from under this debt. Our income will be back to it's normal range again and we'll be better at handling it all now that we are more intentional with our spending. It's all good. This is where that perspective post comes back to mind. It's only a two week set back...

Thanks for being readers that understand that reality is not always upbeat. Thanks for being a place where honesty is accepted and having it together isn't required! :) Phew...otherwise we'd be in trouble!! ;) Keep your ideas and thoughts coming, because the truth really is, we're all learning together.


  1. We had a financial breakdown/meltdown Sunday evening as well. It's plain tough, but I'm glad we communicated about money. We need to do that more often at our house and so I'm glad we did and plan to do it again this next Sunday and hopefully continue.
    I hate the saying "It will all work out," but it's kind of true. Hang in there.
    Money sucks!

  2. Seriously!! It's such a pain in the butt to deal with finances. I'm glad we're communicating well about $$ these days too. I guess no matter how well you're navigating it, there are always some bumps in the road. I hear ya on the "it will all work out" crap. It feels like a way to avoid dealing with it or planning anything, but some times, there is nothing to do but to let it work itself's a crappy saying for us planner types! ;) Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. Glad to know we aren't the only ones having money meltdowns!


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