Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween for $5 or less!

This year we are doing all we can to keep Halloween within the budget, which is really small! Ever since last year I've known what I want the kids to be this year. (I only knew then, b/c I didn't pull it together in time for it to be their costumes last year, so it was postponed! ;)). Anyway, my daughter is going to be a cowgirl (super easy and cheap!) and my son is going to be a cow (because it's cute for them to "go together").

I found the cow costume on Craigslist for $5, in great shape and all I'll have to do is add the socks/shoes and maybe mittens or socks on his hands to round out the outfit. I think I'll skip the facial makeup since I know that'll just end up all over my clothes at his age!

My mom actually found my daughter's outfit at a thrift store and put all the pieces together for about $4.75! Great part is that it's a cute little skirt, jean jacket and solid colored shirt that she'll be able to wear throughout the winter too. She'll be wearing my brother's cowboy boots from when he was kid and she already had a cowgirl hat she got for free at the fair. Add some braids, a bandana (which we had), maybe a little makeup on her cheeks and she'll be set to go.

I can't wait to see them all dressed up together. Best part is that neither outfit broke the bank! :)

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  1. Great job on the good deals! Make sure you post a picture!


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