Monday, October 18, 2010

Leftover Makeover

Even the least picky of us get sick of eating leftovers, but you also know I'm not one to deal with waste well! I hate throwing things away when they aren't bad. I had a few things that we just weren't feeling like eating the same ol' way again, so I had to get creative. Thankfully it's soup season and that seems to be one of the easiest things to make with leftovers. It could actually be referred to as the "all-random-things-in-the fridge" dinner. :) Maybe not that extreme, but there is something to that, I think! ;)

Anyway, I had cabbage rolls from the ginormous cabbage we got at the farm and I also had a lot of chopped cabbage to still use too. The other left over I had was a pot roast and some of the potatoes and carrots. I looked online (of course!) to see if I could find some recipes that called for some of those same ingredients and found two soup recipes that would work perfectly with what I needed to use. The first was perfect for the cabbage rolls and the left over carrots in the pot roast. I had to add some broth, onions and seasonings and that was about it! :) It had a bit of a sweeter flavor to it.

The second was great for the pot roast. It actually called for a roast and potatoes. So, I chopped it all up into bite size pieces, added the broth, onions, cabbage, a sweet potato and other ingredients it called for too. That soup had a more savory, mustardy flavor. I made both in under 30 minutes since most of the cooking had already been done! Both were good and at least added variation to our leftovers and used ingredients I was needing to use. We had our choice of soup for dinner that night and then I froze the leftover soup for future days, since we'd already been getting tired of cabbage! ;)

What leftover makeovers have you done? I'm always looking for ways to make old things new! :)

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