Monday, October 11, 2010


With some of the last bag of potatoes I have from the farm I'm going to be making some hash browns to freeze. I know hash browns can be one of those "picky" potato recipes, so I've been looking into ways to make sure they work well. I've made them before and haven't had much trouble, but since I'd be freezing a lot this time, I wanted to make sure I made them so they'd freeze well too.

Here are some tricks I've learned:
*Older potatoes work better
*Partially cooking the potatoes before shredding them works best
*Drain the moisture out of the shredded, cooked potatoes (either by laying them on paper towels and patting them dry or by using a salad spinner)
*Thinner patties work best for cooking them to the right "doneness"
*It works best to have a hot pan, med-high heat works better to

So the basic process will look like this:
*Wash and peel the potatoes
*Boil them for a few minutes (don't let them get to the falling apart stage!)
*Shred them in the food processor or with a manual grater
*Freeze or make a thin layer to cook on a hot pan

Hope they turn out great!

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