Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Dinner

There are so many benefits to having dinner together as a family. I love spending that time in the evening enjoying each others company and modeling good eating and manners for our kids too! ;) It's been a priority of mine to have dinner as a family each night, at least as often as possible. It has required us to work around my husband's work schedule, but it's an adjustment that has given us many benefits.

What I like even more then just sitting around the table to eat are the opportunities when we can make the cooking a family experience too. Last weekend we had one of those fun moments and I wanted to share the idea with you!

I had some coupons for the pre-made refrigerator pizza crusts, so I thought I'd give them a try. The next evening we pulled them out and gathered up any ingredients in our fridge that could work as pizza toppings. We divided them up into 4 individual sized pizzas. My husband and I did the chopping and pouring and then let the kids top their pizzas. All of them ended up having something different on them! Our daughter loved being able to make her own dinner and was especially happy about eating it. Our son was a little too young to full grasp the fun, but he still enjoyed the process too.

After we finished eating my husband and I talked about how lovely of a family time that had been and it didn't take hardly any effort or money to create a great memory!

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