Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

In just about a week or so turkeys will be all over the place! There will be great discounts on turkeys at most, if not all, local grocery stores and chains. This is a fantastic opportunity to get some meat for your family for cheap! If you have a little extra freezer space or a little bit of free time between the sales and Thanksgiving, grab an extra turkey or two. Get a couple of extra large ones for a great deal and then take them home and prepare them the way you like it. You can skip all the trimmings with this one! ;) Once it's made you'll have the option of cutting the breast for sandwiches (if that's a regular thing at your house), pealing the rest of the meat off the bones and freezing it for future meals. When we have extra turkey meat I'll use it in my recipes that call for chicken and I don't think any one has ever noticed the difference! :) It does take some work, but it can be worth the savings on your grocery bill.

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