Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baking much this time of year?

Most of us are doing a little extra baking this season and that is a fantastic way to fill our plates, tummies and save on heat! :) What a great deal! As I've become more of a baker and also more of a "green" thinker, I've found that heating your home with your oven is a great way to get two things done at once. You'll get to enjoy something tasty coming out of your oven when you're done too. :)

If you're planning on having the oven on for a while, be sure to turn your heat down and let your oven the heating for you. Also, after you're done with your baking, leave the oven door propped open just a bit and let the heat from your oven fill your room. It's going to need to cool anyway, why not let that air save your heating bill while it's cooling? ;)

Stay warm and cozy! If anyone is baking something extra delicious, I'm willing to take some of them off your hands too! ;)

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