Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We aren't big ham eaters for the holidays, but I know there are plenty that are, and thanks to those of you who are, there are great sales right now! This week I saw ham as low as $1.39/lb and even though that isn't a usual item on our dinner table, I'll be picking one up, BECAUSE we do eat a lot of sandwiches. My plan is to buy a ham, bake it and take it back to my local grocery store and ask them to slice it for me. There may be a charge, but I'm certain it'll still be far cheaper that way then the $3.98 or more per pound our lunch meat costs. Not to  mention it'll be a much fresher flavor! :) Once it's been thinly sliced for me, I'll package it up for freezing and we'll be set with a great supply of lunch meat for a while. I'll probably chop some up as well and freeze for adding to casseroles, eggs or other dishes that ham goes well in.

I'm also seeing a lot of baking supplies on sale this week. A pound of butter for $0.99, compared to the usual, nearly $3 price tag. Butter can be frozen too, so I'll be getting several at that price.

Don't miss out on these deals! :)

**If I can't get it sliced at the grocery store, I'll use an electric knife to cut the ham in thin slices.

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