Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling Behind...

I haven't had the stomach flu in who knows how many years...until yesterday. Yuck! It was awful. I didn't do much other then sleep, which set me further behind on housework and Christmas preparations. I've done laundry every single day this week and have PILES to put away. Between both of the kids having some stomach trouble too, it's been at least a load of laundry a day.

On one hand it's been a crummy week, but on the other hand, it's been a very slow, relaxing week! On Wednesday the kids and I enjoyed a lot of snuggle time and rest since we just weren't feeling so great. Then yesterday, it was more of the same. Today we seem to be moving a little more quickly again and I'm working on tackling the housework that has been neglected. At least we're all rested up now! :)

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