Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gifts with a Purpose

Every year we've gone to the store at 4 AM on Black Friday along with thousands of other Americans to buy our Christmas gifts. It's a fun tradition and we've gotten amazing deals and usually taken care of all our shopping in one day. I've loved it and it's been awesome! But this year we're doing things a little different. This year, I've shopped a little along the way and enjoyed the opportunity to buy things that will go to a better cause. Some of the ways I've done that this year have been to buy from local vendors in order to support their home business or a hobby job for a stay at home mom. We've also bought gifts through Samaritan's Purse in honor of some of our family members, who I know will be blessed to know other people's needs will be met in their honor. I haven't bought all our presents this year from those sources, but it's the first year we've done more of that then just buying everything from the store. I'm liking it. Maybe it'll be a new tradition! :)

Have you bought or made gifts that are fulfilling a great purpose this year? What kinds of things have you done?

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