Monday, December 27, 2010

Forgotten Update

As I was browsing back through some older posts, I noticed that I forgot to give you a car update ! It was a mixture of good news and bad news, but mostly good considering the circumstances. As I shared before, the repair was quite an expensive one. The price the mechanic quoted us was any where between $800 and $1,700 depending on the damage they could discover as they went along. As you can imagine we were far less then thrilled by the quote. We were very discouraged to say the least, not only was it in the midst of our Christmas shopping, but it also happened right after our computer started failing too!

Now, the good news, the actual cost of the repair was $759. I know, it was A LOT, but compared to the numbers they had told us, not only was it on the lowest end, it was BELOW the lowest end!! :) I like to think God threw that in as an extra bonus just for me! ;) Since I had been praying for it to be less then what we were expecting. The other piece of good news is that we didn't even TOUCH our emergency fund. Since we'd had some extra in our budget for those two weeks, it completely covered the whole bill. AND, just because we have an awesome mechanic who is so good to us, he fixed my power steering problem (that was completely unrelated & just an extra thing we mentioned to him to look at) for FREE!

As crummy as it is to have car problems, we saw God's hand in all of it. Taking care of us, providing all of the finances for it and even giving us a few extra blessings in the midst of the troubles.

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