Friday, December 3, 2010

God Provides

We've always had all our needs taken care of and never missed a payment on any bills. We know it's because of God's provision for us. Again, today as I was doing our two week budget, there is evidence that God is taking care of us. We found out last night our car repair has the potential of being quite expensive, possibly even more then our emergency fund. *sigh*. Not, excited about it at all! :( Yet, there is still reason to be thankful and hopeful because after all our bills are paid, food is put on the table and gas in the cars, there is even more extra this paycheck then usual. Of course, I'd love to put that all toward our debt or some toward saving for our computer, but under the current circumstances, it is evidence to me of HIS provision. He is taking care of that bill for us. He is making a way for us to pay for something we didn't expect, but He did and He prepared a way for us. I'll still be praying that the repair is less then we're expecting though! ;) Wouldn't that just be a lovely extra blessing?!?! :)

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