Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Week Grocery Bill=$45

This week I had a fairly long grocery list to re buy a lot of the staples and basics we had used up before going on our trip. I was a little nervous about how much it would all add up to, but it was surprisingly low! The things I needed the most were our dairy and fresh produce for the next two weeks. There were some really great sales at some of our local stores that helped with the produce. Thankfully since we have a decent stock of pantry goods and meats in our freezer, so that really helps cut down on our regular grocery bill. It's an added blessing to keep our grocery cost low since we'll be needing extra funds to go to the things we will be fixing!

After loading my grocery cart with all the things we'd need for our home and also a few extras for a veggie tray I'll be bringing to a shower on Sunday, I was surprised my total rang up as $44.50!

My husband and I have both been surprised by how few changes we've had to make in our lifestyle, but how big of a difference it has made in our budget.

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