Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips for Setting Goals

One of the biggest problems with doing new years resolutions is that people expect too much of themselves and try to change everything in their lives in a week! It doesn't work that way and it ends up making people feel like failures because they weren't able to make the changes they had hoped to make.

Here are some of the things I like to keep in mind while setting goals:
-Make them realistic
-Allow a reasonable amount of time for them to be completed
-Add some goals that will be exciting/fun--not just work
-Write them down in a place where you can revisit them throughout the year to re-evaluate them; be willing to make changes to them if necessary.
-Allow for flexibility and "life to happen" so that you won't be discouraged if you didn't do a perfect job--no one can see a year down the road, so it's likely not all of your goals will happen just the way you'd like them to.
-See it as an opportunity to grow and mature in specific areas of your life, not as a standard you have to meet.

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