Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Living--A matter of Perspective

I've been thinking the last week or so about what my view/opinion on living simply looks like or is. I've come to the conclusion that simplicity is a matter of perspective. To some living simply may be a lot like it does for me--living within our means, living in a comfortable and modest home, trying to be more "green" in our thinking about our effects on the environment, etc. (You've read all about it, if you've been following all along). But, to others, living simply looks like the picture above--barely surviving, having everything they need for that day and nothing more, a total dependence on others and on God. And then, even to others, it may be living a life that pleases them, doing what they enjoy and being around people they love, buying what they want, living where and how they want. It really is a matter of perspective. 

So the question I've been wondering is, what IS simple living? 

Nothing more to share...just what I've been thinking about. 

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