Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soap Refill

While I was at the store shopping for some household items, I did some comparison shopping. I had the soap refill bottle on my list, but while I was there I wanted to see how valuable of a purchase that is. Wow! Is it ever worth it! Here's a little bit of the numbers for you: The cheapest bottle (generic brand) of hand soap, same brand that I was buying and same "kind" was a 7 oz bottle for $0.94, good buy, right? Not so fast...the large refill bottle is 64 oz for $3.84. I did the math and the smaller bottle is two times more expensive per ounce ($0.13 for the smaller bottle compared to $0.06) and you'd have to buy 9 bottles to get the equivalent amount as the larger one. So you'd actually end up spending $8.46 for the same 64 oz. of soap. I'll take the large refill bottle, please! ;)

Not to mention the convenience of having it on hand and just refilling your bottles when necessary. Also, this price comparison was done with the cheapest bottle, imagine how much you could be saving if you've been buying a more expensive brand or from a speciality soap store which could run $5-8 per bottle.

Sidenote: If you love the foam soap I found a great recipe for making it online. I haven't tried it yet, b/c I'm currently satisfied with my refill soap, so I haven't needed to & I don't have the foam bottles. Although, it would make mine last even longer, so maybe I'll try it! ;) Anyway, after finding out that it's basically a little soap and mostly water, I've decided it's a total scam and someone is making millions off of us buying about a tablespoon of soap per bottle. Just thought I'd give you that little warning! ;) So, if you'd like to make some, keep your foam-style-pump bottle and check out this recipe, it'll save you hundreds. The millionaires don't need your money anyway! ;) If you like a little more instruction or ideas of how to get the foam dispensers, try this site.

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