Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wasteful Spending

During the last couple weeks, I've been thinking about things that I buy that I don't need to. I'll share an example with you. I just ran out of lotion, so out of habit, I added it to my shopping list. Then, as I was going through our drawer of old gifts for a white elephant, I found several gift sets with lotion and bath care products in them. I think every woman has a stock of these "bath gift sets" some where stashed away that they never had any intention of ever using. It was a common gift I'd get while I was teaching, so I probably have at least five full bath sets. So, I took lotion off my shopping list and have decided, it's time to use all those sets that have been taking up space in my house! I'm certain I could probably get a years worth of bath care out of these sets, I can already see the savings adding up!! :) How about you? What do you have stashed away that is taking up space that you could be using. Maybe it's time to pull it out and use it up!!


  1. Earlier this week we ran out of toothpaste and I thought about adding it to the list but with our tight budget I just busted out the sample stuff I stash so it saved us a week on it.

  2. Hehe!! I love that! :) That's totally the kind of thing I would do. Good thing you had a stash of samples! ;)


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