Saturday, February 5, 2011

Re-organizing--motivation, please!

Ugh! I've been needing to go through my kid's closets for several months now. It seems like I'm doing that every other month, between changing seasons and them growing their closets always need an update. I've been putting it off for a while now and have SO little motivation to do it. Here are my reasons for being a procrastinator (as if there are any good reasons for putting something off that should be done...)

-I know that I'll have to find a place to keep all the clothes that don't fit them any more. I'm running out of storage space in my house for newborn-toddler sized clothes for both boys and girls, but I have that "If we have more kids we'll have to re-buy it all" issue....ugh!

-Which brings me to another issue, if I go through their clothes and need a place to store it, then that means I'll have to go through all the clothes we are currently storing and weed out the ones I don't need to keep.
-Then, by the time I'm done with both of those projects, it'll be time to do it all over again...

See why I'm putting this off? Maybe it's my way of consolidating the next two closet clean outs into one time!?!? ;) If I wait long enough, winter will be over and I'll have to get their summer clothes out...right?

Anyone have any good ideas about getting me pumped up and motivated for a task I obviously don't want to do? See, even me posting about it, is further procrastination from doing the job! I'm totally open to anyone coming over and doing it for me too--I will provide coffee and cookies to any takers! :)'s the deal, if I haven't posted about getting at least ONE part of this task done in the next week--someone get on my case---please!!

I don't wanna...

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