Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romance Styles

Sticking with the "love" feeling for the week, I thought I'd share these fun romance styles I learned about a couple weeks ago. There is a whole little "test" (not at all scientific) to see which kind you are, but I'll just share the descriptions with you and you may be able to figure it out just from those! :)

So as you think about the way you respond to and show love through romance, chose the one that best describes you.

*Rock n Roll Romance-everything adventurous! These are the people that will go skydiving together or other crazy adventures. You're moments of romance are all BIG and bold, it's not frequent because the size of the adventures are too hard to do regularly.

*Pop Romance-Things are fun, exciting, and more routine. Spontaneity is key, go with the flow attitude. It's a very sweet romance, but nothing over the top.

*Country Romance- moments are significant to this style. Romance can be simple, but holds a lot meaning. They are the practical romantics.

*Classical Romance- There is a purpose behind their romance. Very creative romantically and the details matter. Some what of a perfectionist mind set. Memories are special.

*R&B Romance- romance happens naturally. They have a strong sensuous side and are good with words. They are good at drawing the person they love toward them.

So, what are you? What is your spouse? I thought this was fun! :) Any guesses for us based on the stories I shared on Valentine's Day?

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