Monday, May 23, 2011

Poll Wrap Up

Last week I posted a poll asking you how far you would go to save money for your family. The choices were: a. Only cut out a few things you can live without, which got 4 votes, 66%. b. Everything that is non-essential has to go, got 2 votes, 33%. The final two didn't get any votes, but were c. Bring on the reusable toilet paper, baby! (Which I can't understand why NO ONE would vote for! ;) The truth is, I didn't make this concept up, there are people who really do use cloth toilet paper.) d. I'd rather not eliminate things from my lifestyle. (I actually think there are a lot of people who fall under this category, but they probably aren't reading a blog like mine regularly! ;)).

I'll post a new one this week, so check it out and be sure to put in your vote!


  1. So I didn't vote, but I'm curious, what do you make of the results? Your opinion?

  2. Hm...good question! :) First of all, you should've voted, it's just for fun!! :) I think I'm going to ponder the other questions a little longer and I'll post an answer for you.


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