Friday, July 29, 2011

Guest Post--Jessie, DIY Kid's Art Display

It's Friday! :) Today I want to welcome my friend Jessie to my blog. She's been a friend since we were roommates in college and you have all heard about her on here before! :) I haven't really told you any fun stories about her yet though. ;) Being roommates in college there is all sorts of stuff to share, but I'll just tell you a little about what I remember from rooming with her. She loved dance and is very good at it. She's been dancing since she was a little girl and it's obviously a passion for her, so much so that she took on the role of starting and coaching a dance team to perform at our college sporting events. I'm pretty sure she has some God-given gift to get an enormous amount of stuff done in one day (I'm serious!). She is very dedicated, responsible and willing to take on all sorts of challenges. She's very open-minded, willing to see the best in everyone, and a giver of second-chances. Jessie is a great & loyal friend! I have to tell you this one funny story! :) I'm not even sure if she remembers this or not, but I sure do. She wanted to go see a movie one particular night and asked me to join her. I didn't have any idea what the movie was or what it was about, but it was NOT my kind of movie. It was called A Joy Ride (I think) and it was anything but joyful. It was some creepy movie about a semi driver. Anyway, I was freaked out and had my eyes closed for about 90% of the movie and was seriously freaked out by semis for quite a while after that one. ;) I learned my lesson though, ALWAYS find out about the movie before going to see it! It makes for a funny memory for me of my time with Jessie, though. Hehe!!

Now I'll let her tell you a little bit about herself though, here are her words from her own blog (which I'd encourage you to check out):

"I am a wife of six years to my husband, Marty. A mother to my preschooler son, Ben, and my baby daughter, Jane. We have a dog, Hank. A Minnesota state educator of Language Arts for seventh graders. A dance team coach. And a passionate woman who enjoys life. Shared experiences are one of life's blessings and so here I am sharing mine with you."

I hope you enjoy her post today and show her some love! 

With my son Ben going into preschool this fall coming home with many inspiring art pieces and with the fact that my fridge is full and Jane yanks everything off the lowerhalf ripping it in half or many pieces, I saw this idea in Disney Family Fun magazine last night and thought I could easily replicate it. I found a good spot in the kid's room (one Jane couldn't reach) to display some nice pictures and it took ummm....all about five minutes.

You will need:
2 nails
a few feet of yarn, string, rope, or ribbon of choice
a few clothes pins

It is very eye catching when you walk in. Ben came home from Bible school today and was in awe; he loved it. :) He was so proud to see his stuff up like that. It's cute.

More ideas for hanging artwork

Click for Directions

Thanks for stopping by today! :) Have a great weekend. What DIY projects do you have planned to do?


  1. Thanks hon. I do not remember this movie memory at all - although I do have a terrible memory at times. But it made me laugh for sure out loud reading about it. :)

  2. You're welcome! :) Thanks for guest posting, that was fun. Oh man, that movie was crazy, probably better you forgot about it! ;)

  3. Great idea Jessie! Love that you can have the kids customize work for each holiday making it holiday decor too. Chelsea - I am SOOOO EXCITED about the StarBucks gift card! Thank you so much!! I have no idea how to email on blog so here is my email Elizabeth_Sieglaff{at}yahoo{dot}com. THANKS!


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