Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Post-Janet with a Ballard Topiary knock off!

You are in for a treat today! :) I found Janet and her blog while browsing all the fun that's out there in the blogging world one evening and I just loved her projects. I was thrilled that she agreed to share some of her ideas with you too. I've got a few bloggers working on a mini-series on inexpensive DIY projects to share with you. I hope you'll feel inspired by these ideas and realize how inexpensive and fun some of these projects can be. Without anything further from me, I'll let Janet tell you all about her project! :)

Hi all you Simple Life readers! My name is Janet, and I'm the proprietor of I HEART My Glue Gun. Chelsea's awesome, and I'm thrilled to be over here guest posting on her blog!

 Today I'm going to share with you a Ballard Topiary knock off! 

These puppies start at $49.00 at Ballard! Wow!

But for under $8.00, you can have one that's very similar and in my opinion, CUTER!

 So let's get started!

 Here are the supplies you'll need:

I got everything from the two different Dollar stores, EXCEPT the ball which was $2.39 at Michael's. Yes, it pained me to pay over a dollar for a Styrofoam ball, but what could I do? None of the $0.99 or Dollar stores had them! 

First, I cut the block down to size and stuck it in the vase.

After that, I shoved the dowel in there...

Put some Spanish Moss at the top of the vase to cover up the block.

(whoops! Slightly crooked....fixed it off camera)

Cover your ball in glue, and then the fun of attaching the floral moss begins! It's kind of a pain, but eventually it'll all stick. It might take a few tries, however.

And voila! A beautiful, Ballard inspired topiary! LOVE IT!

Thanks for having me over at your place today, Chelsea! 

You all can come visit me anytime at I HEART My Glue Gun!

Thank you Janet for stopping by today. I love your idea. It's so easy, cheap and most of all SUPER cute! 

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