Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Household Binder

I've been interested in making a Home binder for a while and finally got one finished.

I got most of my printables from this website.

I already had the binder and a lot of the supplies, so all I had to pick up where the page dividers, a couple folders and some clear pencil holders. I don't think it cost me more then $5 to put it all together. 

I have placed every checklist in a clear cover so that I can use a dry erase marker on them and simply wipe it off when I'm finished. That way I'll save on all the ink and paper, and will still have the lists on hand when I need them. 

Here are my categories: 

Under this category I have all our emergency contact phone numbers (the police, poison control, doctor's numbers, that sort of thing). I will also be adding some basic information about what first aid and CPR. 

2. Cleaning & Chores
This category has several checklists. A master to do list, to do lists for each season (for example I put changing out our batteries for all our smoke detectors on the fall and spring lists, specific lawn care that takes place at the end of summer on that list, that sort of thing). Then I included a weekly chore chart and added jobs that are "regulars" for each week. I also have a chore chart for each of the kids.

Here are the print outs I used for this section:
-Master To Do List
-Fall & Winter List
-Spring & Summer List
-Weekly Chores
-Kid's Chore Chart
A picture of my checklists. After taking the pictures, I filled them all in! :)
3. Kitchen
The first thing I have under the kitchen tab is a clear pencil case that I put a RECIPES label on. I plan on keeping recipes in here that I'll need throughout the week/month that are specific to the menu plan. I may also throw some in there so I remember to try them too. Just behind that I have a favorite recipes.

Here are all the checklists I have for the kitchen. Not all of them are filled out yet, but I'm hoping to get on that soon. :)

-Favorite Recipes (I'm hoping to use this list as a quick resource as I finish my menus)
-Recipes to Try
-Pantry Inventory
-Freezer Inventory
- My monthly menu planner sheets that I've been putting together throughout the year. (Not every month is done yet--hopefully this time around! :)).

4. Phone Numbers
This section I'm quite excited about. You know all those random phone numbers you have written some where to your favorite salon, the best local plumber, the guy that does blows our your sprinklers each year, your babysitters. Maybe you're like us and have a pile of random business cards laying around too. Well these handy little sheets are meant to get rid of those piles! :) I'll be gathering them all up and filling out my nice little sheets now so that they are all in one central location. Great, isn't it?

The lists:
-Family Yellow Pages
-Family Phone Book
-Important Phone Numbers  (some of these are a little repetitive, but I suppose you can't have some of those numbers in enough places!)

I like having these in here for two reasons:
1. A babysitter can find all our important numbers really quickly.
2. In the event that I can't find my phone (where ALL my memory is stored and all these important numbers) I'll still be able to call all the important places from someone else's phone. :)

5. Events
I'm sure this section might grow with time, but for now I have these two lists in it:
-Picnic Checklist 
I decided to print this one off as a quick reference for larger picnic type events or birthday parts to make sure I've thought of all the necessary food/paper supplies.
-Yard Sale Checklist

6. Traveling
For this category I did print off the available free printable for the packing list, but then I also created my own from one I've seen at the store. I love how it turned out and I'm giving them away to you now too! You can chose between the black and white version or the color version. They will also be available under my tutorials and printables tab too.
-My packing list printable (Color) (B&W) *Please note: these are legal size

*UPDATE NOTE: I'm having trouble getting the files to load properly, but if you are interested in printing off the packing list, you can do so by clicking on the picture above. I will try to upload the B&W version the same way to hopefully help get it to you! :) Please let me know if it's still not working. Thank you!

-Travel Packing List
-Pre-Travel List
-Camping List
Again, I just like having a second "brain" to browse while I'm thinking through all I have to get finished before a trip. I'm certain I'll have my own written lists around the house, but this serves as a launching pad and also as a place other members of the family can reference for ideas of ways they can help.

7. Birthday & Anniversary
The first thing I have is a card and gift card envelope. My plan is to stock up on gift cards when there are specials at stores that I know family and friends enjoy or are popular places. I'm also planning on getting a few while out shopping at stores that I know I'll be able to use for gifts. This way when we have the last minute "oh no! We forgot to get them a gift!" moment, I'll be prepared! :)

This one will be filled with cards and gift cards that I can grab for any occasion! :)

Right behind there I have these lists:
-Birthday & Anniversary Calendar
-Party Planner
-Guest List

8. Kids

First I have these lists:
-Behavior Chart
-Reward Chart
-Potty Training Chart
I like having all these sorts of things on hand! :) I will also be adding some specific directions for a baby sitter under this tab so there is a quick resource for them too.

Then I have a folder for each of the kids. I'll keep their school or activity calendars and information in them. Pretty much anything that pertains to each of them will end up in the folder! :)

Finally, I have a folder for this little piece of the world wide web. :) I have a Blog folder where I'll keep some of my latest ideas and plans.

There it is! :) My very first home binder. I'm looking forward to putting it to use.

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  1. That looks great! You will be amazed at how much you will come to depend on that binder! I would love for you to link up to my blog hop!


    Hope to see you there!

  2. Chelsea, this is such a phenomenal idea!

  3. Love, love, love this idea! I am so making one! Thanks for sharing. New follower from Thrifty Peach Hop. Drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  4. My mouth is hanging open. I am in awe!! If I ever get it together even half as much as you i'll be 1,000% more efficient than I am now!

  5. Why can't I open your packing list?? It takes me to Dropbox and then says that I can't look at it :-/

  6. Darn, I don't know if my comment got saved or not. My yorkie came and licked my hand about the time I went to hit post comment and I did not see if yours was one that immediately posts or says after approval. So, you may get two comments from me if it was a after approval. I am a new follower thru the Just Peachy blog hop. I would love a follow back when you get a chance thru GFC. Sorry, if this posts twice.


  7. I might have to print a few of these for my own binder. Mine is a mess right now...need to reorganize it...

  8. @Sarah, not sure. I'll look into it.

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by Thrifty Peach Blog Hop and sharing this post! I'm following. ;)

    I'm working on something similar to this as well. I hope you stop by again next Tuesday to share another one of your great posts!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. This is great- I need to organize my life and this looks like a great way to do it!! Thanks so much for linking up to Strut Your Stuff last weekend! We would LOVE to have you come back and link up more of your great projects tomorrow!
    Camille @


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