Friday, November 4, 2011

Local Food Tour: Street Food Edition

Ever since hearing about doing local food tours, I've been intrigued by the idea. I love trying new things and learning about local restaurants we haven't tried. It can be a little scary, though, to just go to some random place. Lets face it, no one wants to spend $15-20+ on a meal and then be disappointed by it. I like the "tried and true" feel of the tour, feeling more confident that at least we'd be getting exposed to places that had a decent reputation for great food. Shortly after putting this idea on my "to do" list, I came across a groupon offered by a local food tour company! I snatched it up. This particular tour guide,  offers a few different "types" of tours: sweets tour, gourmet tour and a food truck tour. We chose food truck. 

On a beautiful sunny afternoon in August, we met up with our tour guide and group to eat "lunch"(it was a 3 hours tour) at 4 different places. 

Our first stop ended up being one of my favorites. They offered us our choice of taco from their menu that day and it was delicious! If you're a local reader, next time you see this lovely yellow truck, "Mikes2 Kitchen" be sure to grab a bite! 

Next, we stopped at a Pizza place. For whatever reason blogger is rejecting my picture. :-/ This one was my hubby's favorite and it was certainly a close second for me too. It was REALLY good pizza. The chef learned all his tricks by actually living in Italy for a while and his crust was They also cook all their pizzas in a brick stove. YUM.

Directly across the street we had some crazy types of sausages. This cool little stand was just featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network too. Helping me cross something else off my list! ;)
Their Elk Jalapeno Cheddar (the same sandwich that was featured on the show) was my favorite. They add cream cheese and grilled onions to it, SO tasty!

Our last stop actually wasn't a truck stop, it was a local brewery. It was interesting for a while, but got a little long. Unless you're SUPER into beer (which I'm not even slightly interested) all the ins and outs of making beer quickly turn very dull. Learning some of the history about this particular brewery was interesting though. 

There it is. Our local food tour. If you like to explore new things and have a sense of "adventure" & aren't super picky (you don't know what you'll be tasting until you get there) I highly recommend doing something like this. It was a fun date. We also got great tips on other local places and events to check out throughout the year.

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