Friday, July 15, 2011

5QF & Sneak Peeks!

Alright friends! Here's the Five Question Friday answers.

1. If you knew your best friend's spouse was cheating on her or him, would you tell her (him)?
ABSOLUTELY! My loyalties are to my girlfriends, first. I'd probably talk to her husband first and give him a fess up-or-else, kind of talk. If I knew their husband was cheating, I would be heart broken for them, but if he didn't tell her, I would certainly tell her. I know there is the "it's not really your business" approach, but if I had a friend that knew my hubs was up to no good and never told me, I'd be really upset. I'd probably feel betrayed by her too. It's an awful situation to be in, but I'd feel best if she found out sooner then later. 

2. Soda in a can or a bottle?
I don't really care. I grew up with them in a bottle, so there's an element of nostalgia that way, but a can works just fine too.

3. What do you wash first, hair or body?

4. What advice would you give to any new mama?
Cut yourself some slack. Rest as much as you can. Be willing to ask for help and accept other people's help/ideas (even if you don't use them then, always be keep them in stashed in your memory for future reference, it may be useful later or for your next child). Be flexible, don't get to strict about how you think things should go, it's much less stressful for everyone if there is a serious amount of flexibility! Snuggle and love on them as much as you can!!

5. What is your best hangover remedy?
I've got nothing. I've never actually gotten to a place to need a remedy. I can barely handle the taste for one drink. Sorry, no help here! 

That's it. I hope this gave you another little glimpse of who I am. 

And, just for coming by on this lovely Friday, I'll share with you a few sneak peek pictures of some upcoming posts and projects I'll be revealing soon.

Three T-shirt upcycle projects!
A new recipe
What do you think this will be?
A new picnic table.
Re-doing our daughters room, lots of projects will be revealed for this one!
Come check them out throughout the next couple of weeks. I'll be posting some tutorials and some DIY project reveals. I've also been learning a few new tricks in the kitchen that I'm looking forward to sharing with you soon! 

Also, during this upcoming week we'll be celebrating TWO big days! They'll be all sorts of fun to share with you!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday! :)

This is a blog hop, join the fun! :)

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  1. Well haven't you been a busy little bee?! Looks like a fun time!


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